Diverse Endemics in Tropical Island

30 Endemic Species, 54 Endemic Subspecies, 200+ species in 2 weeks

Comfort Birding Anytime

No hiking. Mostly roadside birding. Anytime of the year for breeding endemics.

No Infectious Diseases

No Leeches. No Malaria. No Rabies. No Ticks. No Dengue Fever.

Flexible Tailor-made Tours

The BEST Local Guides

We know every bird here! Go eBirding with us!

Diverse Avifauna

  • Across Palearctic & Oriental Biogeographic Realms

  • In the middle of East Asia Australasia Flyway

  • 70%+ coverage of native forests

  • 1/2 of area > 1000m in elevations

Nordmann's Greenshank

Nordmann’s Greenshank. Endangered shorebird in E Asia.

Endemic Species

Endemic Subpecies



Bird Species

Collared Scops Owl

Collared Owlet (Endemic Subspecies)

Birding Season

  • Breeding endemics: all year round

  • Long migratory seasons

  • Winter birds arrive in late Oct

Wet SeasonS ?S ?P ?P ?P ?T ?T ?T ?
Unpredictable Rain Seasons--S: Spring Rain; P: Plum Rain; T: Typhoon

Safe Travel

  • No need to hike

  • Mostly roadside birding

  • No Malarias, leeches, dengue fever, rabies, ticks

  • VISA friendly

Roadside Birding

Taiwan Bambo Partridge (Endemic Species)

I heard Taiwan has leeches?

We do have leeches. People go hiking who walks into dense bushes in wet season are prone to be attached by leeches. However, in our birding tours, we mostly stay around driving roads. It’s rarely to get attacked by leeches during birding trips.

No Malarias? Really?

Almost extinct. There are very few imported infection cases annually.  See CDC Taiwan for more information.

How about ticks and Lime disease?

Very rare. We don’t have regular ticks causing lime diseases. We only have less than 3 cases every year recently so far.  See CDC Taiwan for more information.

How about rabies?

We haven’t detected and reported any local infection cases after 1961. In 2013, we found some wildlife (Chinese ferret-badger & masked palm civet) get infected of rabies, but we haven’t detected any stray dogs and cats get infected of these wildlife-specific virus strains. However, the rabies immunoglobulin and related vaccines are available in Taiwan. See CDC Taiwan for more information.

How about the dengue fever?

The prevalence of dengue fever is mainly concentrated in urban areas in Taiwan. Most of years the infection cases is around hundreds, it’s well controlled locally. The prevalence areas are downtown of Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingtung cities. We barely use any hotel in these cities. See CDC Taiwan for more information.

Is there any disease I have to worry about? The "Typhus Fever (Scrub typhus)" in Lanyu island.

Yes, there is one infectious disease we have to pay attention–the Scurb typhus“, or “Typhus Fever“. We have quite low chances to get infected in tropical areas such as Lanyu island when look for Elegant Scops Owls. Few Taiwanese birders get infected annually. 

Scrub typhus is difficult to recognize and diagnose because the symptoms and signs of the illness are often non–specific, just some headache or fever. The bite of the mite may leave a characteristic black eschar that is helpful to the doctor for making the diagnosis. With proper treatment, Scrub typhus can be cured. See CDC Taiwan for more information. 

Flexible Itinerary

Tailor-made birding or photo tours !

Taiwan Blue Magpie

Taiwan Blue Magpie (Endemic Species)

Taipei City Tour


  • Taiwan Blue Magpie
  • Malayan Night Heron
  • 12 hour city trip
  • Can be operated in any city
    Swinhoe's Pheasant

    Swinhoe’s Pheasant (Endemic Species)

    Essential Endemics

    Best value in short trip


    • Try to see all endemic
    • Except for Styan’s Bulbul (not in range)
    • Pheasant and Partridge trip
    • Flexible: 2-4 days
      Styan's Bulbul

      Styan’s Bulbul (Endemic Species)

      ALL ENDEMICS (7d/6n)

      Best value for LIFERS


      • All endemic including Styan’s Bulbul
      • Give every endemic species more tries
      • Fixed schedule (Monday-Sunday) discount
        Elegant Scops Owl

        Elegant Scops Owl (Endemic Subspecies in Lanyu)

        See Everything (13D/13N)

        Classical 2 weeks trip 


        • All endemic species & birds in the season
        • Visit various habitats and landscapes in Taiwan
        • Visit Lanyu Island (Apr-Sep)

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