Price & Service


  • Tailor-made tours
  • With remote islands


How do we charge in tailor-made tours? (click for detail)

The price listed in the frontpage and the preset itineraries are specieal price for set tours.

For tailor-made tours, we calculate the price using the following formula:

 Price = Basic Price Per Day Per Person x [Number of Days + Island Extra Expense + Other Expenses]

Basic price per day per person: This varies depending on the group size and the season. See table below.

Length of the Tour (Days)

  • Full Day (counted as 1 day):
    • Any day that includes accommodation and airport transfer
    • Any day with more than 4 hours of birding
  • Non-full Day (counted as 2/3 day):
    • Any day < 4 hours birding in the morning
    • Evening airport pickup and hotel drop-off
    • Airport transfers without accommodation

Island Extra Expense: This is a one-time fee to cover additional domestic transportation and island accommodation costs

    • Lanyu Island (counted as 2/3 extra day): travel by boat
    • Kinmen Island  (counted as 2/3 extra day): travel by domestic flight
    • Matzu Island (counted as 1.5-2 extra days depneds on the itinerary): both for migratory passerines (Dongying and Nangan) and Chinese Crested Tern (Beigan and Jiuguang), travel by domestic flight and/or boat.
    • Penghu Island for Breeding Terns (counted as 1 extra day): travel by domestic flight and/or boat.

    Pelagic Trip and Bird Hide Expense: Charges are based on on-site conditions.

    Commercial Tour Leader Discount: Contact for the details. Charges are based on on-site conditions.

    Basic Price Per Day Per Person

    The tailor-made Tour: This option allows you to customize your bird watching experience according to your specific interests and needs.
    Fixed Itinerary Tour: A pre-planned itinerary offered at a more favorable price to increase communication efficiency.
    High Season: Janurary, April to August, November, December & three or more consecutive holidays in Taiwan.
    Low Season: February, March, September & October.
    # of Birders1234567-89-1011-12
    VehicleSmaller 4-seaterLarger 4-seater8-seater vanMinibus
    High Season800450380350320300285245235
    Low Season750400355325280270260220210
    # of Twin Rooms112233456

    Real Cases

    Case 1:  We meet the birder on Monday morning and guiding till Sunday afternoon.

    It would be 6 (Mon-Sat) + 1 (Sun) = 7 days.

    Case 2: We pick the birders up in the airport on Monday late afternoon and drive to Taichuang for rest without any birding. Then we finish the trip in the train station on Wednesday evening.

    It would be 2/3 (Mon) +1 (Tue) + 1 (Wed) day = 2.67 days.

    Case 3: The 10 day tour with Lanyu island. Starts in the first morning and finish the trip in the airport in late afternoon.

    It would be 10 (full day) + 2/3 (Lanyu extension) days = 10.67 days


    What does the price cover


    • Guide fee
    • Driver’s salary
    • Accommodation (twin rooms)
        Clients, guide, driver 
    • Transportation
        Car rental, gasoline, parking fee, toll fee

    • Extra domestic transportation
        Airplane or ferry to island
    • Entrance ticket
    • Food
        Breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • Local travel insurance and tax


    • Coffee
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Tips

    Special Requirements

    Upgrade Options

    • Single room supplement
    • Better hotel
    • Better vehicle

    Special Diet

    • Generally will be free
      • Vegetarian/Pescatarian
      • Gluten-free
      • Halal


    The guide drives the vehicle for tours lesser than 7 days

    We hire independent driver for longer tour or larger group size

    Food in Taiwan

    We would use local restaurants serving Taiwanese food

    Please let know any special requirement such as more Western food, vegetarian or gluten-free food

    • Timing of the Breakfast: Depends on the timing of the sunrise and what bird we need, we might have breakfast in the hotel or picnic breakfast. If we have breakfast at the hotel, usually we will go birding before breakfast.
    • Taiwanese Breakfast: Lots of the hotel will serve Taiwanese breakfast: porridge and various vegetarian dishes including some green, gluten, tofu, eggs, soy bean milk and instant coffee. If you don’t like that, we can prepare picnic breakfast and skip the Taiwanese breakfast.
    • Picnic Breakfast: Some hotel place they will serve simple western food such as roasted bread and jams. Picnic breakfast would be some bread bought in the convenient store or bread store and beverages. One free beverage or coffee would be served. We would prepare hot water to make hot tea or coffee as well.
    • Lunch: We would use the small restaurant, roadside stalls or convenient stores if we are in a hurry. One bottle of free alcoholic-free beverage would be served.
    • Dinner: We would always have dinner in the restaurants. Most of time we would use Chinese restaurants. If there is any Western restaurant available in that region, we might use that. One bottle of free alcoholic-free beverage would be served.
    • Coffee and Ice Creams: We would visit convenient stores quite often to use the restroom or take a break between three meals. You have to pay your coffee and ice creams.
    • The cost of the alcoholic beverages: The price of the beer is about 40-120 NTD, the wines in the convenient store is about 300-500 NTD.


    Every two clients share one twin room

    The guide and the driver share another twin room

    • Room Type: The default is every two people share a room with two beds, it would be quad or twin room.
    • Hotel Level: We will use 3-4 star hotel in downtown. In the rural region we will use simple lodge/homestay (usually 2-3 star level) running by local people, it’s would be clean and neat.
    • Single Room Suppliment: USD 100 per person per night.
    • WiFi: Depends. If you can’t live without the Internet, it highly recommends renting a WiFi router in the airport.
    • Towels: You only have to prepare your own towels if you travel to offshore islands such as Lanyu.
    • Soap and shampoo: Every hotel and lodge/homestay they would provide basic free soap and shampoo.
    • Bottled Water: The hotel we use would provide free bottled water or drinking fountains. However, we recommend to carry your water bottle.
    • Water Dispenser: Almost in every public building and hotel we can find the water dispenser to fullfill our water bottles.


    Travel Insurance

    All the trip will organized by local legal travel agent with travel insurances

    • Lincensed Tour Guide: Every tour we would use licensed tour guide
    • Legal Rental Vehicle: We would use legal rental vehicle with licensed drivers.
    • Travel Insurance: NTD 2 million liability & NTD 200,000 medical insurance per person.