Essential Endemics

  • Best value in short trip
  • All endemic except for Styan’s Bulbul (not in range)
  • Pheasant and Partridge trip
  • Any time of the year



2-4 Days

Essential Endemic Tour

Tour Information

As Dasyueshan is the best birding sites for endemic birds in Taiwan, it is the only and the best place we can visit in Taiwan. No matter you have one weekend or only a short window before or after a business meeting, we can find some good endemic species for you.

This itinerary is design for birders who has at least 1 day 1 night or longer. We can meet one day ahead in Taichung downtown, therefore we would have a full day. If you only have one day, please check our 1 Day City Tour Package. 


2 Days to 4 Days


Group Size


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Location Highlights


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Photography OK

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Birding Tour OK

Basic Information

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Coldest in Summer

12-15 ℃

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Coldest in Winter


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Wet Season

Depends on Season



Car or Van

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Airport or Taichung HSR Station

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Mostly OK


We can adjust our tour depends on how much time you have. There are some suggested itineraries we can refer in the table below. We can also opreate the 1 Day City Tour in Dasyueshan.

Suggested Itinerary 2-4 Days

1 Day City Tour2-4 Day Essential Endemic Tour
Day 1Day 1Day 2-3Last Day
MorningMeet in TaichungMeet in airport, Taipei or TaichungGo Birding!!Go Birding!!
AfternoonGo Birding!!Go Birding!!Go Birding!!
EveningDrop off in Taichung HSR by 1900Stay in Dongshih overnightStay in DasyueshanDrop off in Taipei, airport or Taichung HSR by 1900
Price500-600 USD per day2/3 dayFull day2/3 day

How to meet in the first day

In this case, we can meet you in the airport, Taipei city or Taichung city in the first day in the afternoon. If we still have time, we can do some birding on the way to Dongshih township, this would be counted as 2/3 day. For the budget-limited clients, we can meet in the early morning in Taichung to save that.

How to drop off in the last day

In the last day, it would be counted as another 2/3 day as long as we don’t use any hotel, but we have to drop you off anywhere (Taichung HSR is recommended) by 1900, otherwise you have to pay extra money to compensate the cost of car rental and the accommodation of the guide. 

Book of the Tour 

Please contact us for the itinerary and budget. The budget varies with the group size and the length of the tour.