7-8D All Endemics

  • Best value for LIFERS
  • All endemics including Styan’s Bulbul
  • Give every endemic species one more chance
  • Fixed schedule (Monday-Sunday) discount 
  • Waterbird extension for 1 day
7-8 Days

All Endemic Tour

Tour Information

Taiwan is a mountainous island rich in avian biodiversity. To maximize the chances of spotting all the island’s endemic bird species within a short timeframe, it’s crucial to explore its three major mountain areas: Dasyueshan, Hehuanshan, and Yushan (including Alishan). These regions allow us to drive to elevations between 2600 and 3200 meters, offering diverse habitats for birdwatching. Among all the three major sites, the Dasyueshan stands out as the most promising location for spotting a wide array of endemic species. If time constraints prevent us from visiting Yushan, Hehuanshan serves as an excellent alternative. The area is accessible by car up to an elevation of 3200 meters, providing ample opportunities to observe high-altitude avian species. If we aim to see all the endemic species, we would build upon our carefully planned 5-day itinerary that covers three of these mountain ranges. We would spend two nights in Dasyueshan and add an extra day to visit Kenting National Park at the southern tip of Taiwan to look for the Styan’s Bulbul. By doing so, we would have the opportunity to see all of Taiwan’s endemic bird species if we are lucky.

Our tour aims to showcase all endemic species, but we won’t spend much time looking for wetland waterfowl, only making a brief stop to observe the Pheasant-tailed Jacana as we head south to Kenting. If you’re interested in seeing the Black-faced Spoonbill (September to June), Saunder’s Gull (December to February), or even the endangered Nordmann’s Greenshank (November to March), we can extend the tour by one day to the 8th day. This would allow us to visit the coastal wetlands in the southwest to specifically look for these water birds.


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Key Mountain Birding Sites & Kenting NP

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7-Day, 6-Night Tour: Endemic Only (click for detail)

This is a FIXED itinerary tour focused on observing breeding endemic birds in three alpine regions: Dasyueshan, Hehuanshan, Yushan. We will also visit Kenting NP to look for the Styan’s Bulbul. We strongly recommend avoiding weekends for this tour; starting on Sunday or Monday would be optimal.

Day Activity Description



Taipei*1-Wulai or Yangmingshan NP-Taichung. We’ll start our day by exploring either Yangmingshan National Park or the Wulai area, focusing on spotting the Taiwan Blue Magpie. In the afternoon, we’ll head south to Taichung. If time allows, we’ll engage in some birdwatching at the lower elevations of Dasyueshan Forest Road. Overnight stay will be in Fengyuan, Taichung.



Birding in Dasyueshan all day. We will stay overnight at the Anmashan Lodge at 43K (2200m).
Dasyueshan-Baxianshan-Cingjing Farm. We will spend our last morning in Dasyueshan then drive to the nearby downtown to have lunch. Then we will visit Baxianshan to look for the Chestnut-bellied Tit. Then we will drive to the Cingjing Farm area to rest in the late afternoon (1900m).
Hehuanshan*2-Alishan. We’ll drive up to Hehuanshan pass area (3275m) to see the alpine birds we miss in Dasyueshan in the morning. After lunch, we will drive to the Alishan area to rest (2200m).
Yushan NP-Guantian-Kenting NP. In the morning we will watch the alpine birds in Yushan NP area (2800m), after lunch we will drive to Kenting National Park to rest. On the way we will look for the Pheasant-tailed Jacana en route in Guantian.
D7 Sat Kenting NP-Kaohsiung*3– Chiayi. On the last day, we will look for the endemic Styan’s Bulbul in Kenting NP in the morning, then we will drive north to the Zuoying HSR station in Kaohsiung by 11:00 then visit some coastal wetlands and drop you off at the and Chiayi HSR station by 18:00. 

*1: If we start from TPE airport, we will visit Shihmen Reservoir to look for the Taiwan Blue Magpie instead of visiting Taipei to avoid back-and-forth travel.
*2: The road in the Hehuanshan pass area may be frozen during winter (Dec-Feb). If the road is frozen, we will not take the risk of driving up there.
*3: You can take HSR back to TPE airport or Taipei from Zuoying HSR in Kaohsiung.

8-Day, 7-Night Tour: Endemic with Shorebird Extension


Activity Description

D1 Sun -D6 Fri

As the previous itinerary above. 

D7 Sat

Kenting NP-Kaohsiung*3– Chiayi. On the last day, we will look for the endemic Styan’s Bulbul in Kenting NP in the morning, then we will drive north to the Zuoying HSR station in Kaohsiung by 11:00 then visit some coastal wetlands and drop you off at the and Chiayi HSR station by 18:00 if we need to drop off anyone. We will stay in Chayi tonight.

D8 Sun

Chiayi coast-TPE airport or Taipei. Today we will concentrate on the coastal wetland look for any shorebirds we need during the day, then drive back to TPE airport or Taipei in the afternoon and finish the tour by 18:00

Pricing for 7D6N Tour with Shorebird Extension

The tailor-made Tour: This option allows you to customize your bird watching experience according to your specific interests and needs.
Fixed Itinerary Tour: A pre-planned itinerary offered at a more favorable price to increase communication efficiency.
High Season: Janurary, April to August, November, December & three or more consecutive holidays in Taiwan.
Low Season: February, March, September & October.
Group SizeFixed Itinerary Tour for High/Low SeasonShorebird Extension at 8th DayTailor-made Tour for High/Low SeasonVehicle Type# of Twin Rooms
1-25950/5390+8506300/5600Small 4-seater1
3-49390/8750+13509800/91008-seater Van2
5-611990/10790+170012600/113408-seater Van3
Note: all price in USD; single room supplement: 600/700 USD per person for 7-day/8-day tour