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Try to see as many endemic species as we can in short time. In the first few days we will try to see as many as endemic species in short time in Dasyueshan region, saving time travelling between birding sites. We have some chance to clear most of the endemic species in a week if weather is permitted and we have a very good luck, however to see 80% of the endemic species is possible


7 Day 6 Night

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Dasyueshan & Kending

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30-35 ℃

Coldest in Winter

5-10 ℃

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Depends on Season


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City Hotels




Mon: Yingmingshan-Dongshih*
In the morning we will visit Yingmingshan NP to look for Taiwan Blue Magpies, Taiwan Whistling Thrushes and Malaysan Night Heron. We may try one place for Taiwan Bamboo Partridge in Yingmingshan region before noon. We will drive to Dongshih, Taichuang in the afternoon. We would like to look for some low-elevation endemic species such as Taiwan Scimitar Babbler, Taiwan Hawmei…etc in late afternoon. We will stay in a hotel in Dongshih.

Tue: Guguan-Dasyueshan Forest Recreation Area – Dongshin*
We will arrive Guguan Vistor Center just after sunrise to look for Chstnut-bellied Tits and some low-elevation breeding birds. In the afternoon we will focus on low to mid-elevation breeding endemics in Dasyueshan region such as Black-necklaced Scimitar Babblers, Morrison’s Fulvettas, Taiwan Barbets, Swinhoe’s Pheasants, Steere’s Liochlas, White-eared Sibias, Taiwan Yuhinas, Taiwan Partridges…etc. We will stay in the same hotel in Dongshih.

Wed: Dasyueshan FRA – Dongshih*
Today we will focus on mid to high-elevation breeding birds in Dasyueshan region such as difficult Rusty Laughingthrushes, Rufous-corwned Laughingthrushes, Taiwan Yellow Tits, Taiwan Cupwing/Wren Babbler, Taiwan Barwing…etc. If everything goes well, we will visit high elevation to see alpine birds. We will stay in the same hotel in Dongshih.

Thur: Dasyueshan FRA- Anmanshan Lodge*
Today we will focus on high elevation breeding birds in Dasyueshan region such as Flamecrests, Taiwan Rosefinches, Mikado Pheasants, White-whiskered Laughingthrushes, Taiwan Fulvettas, Collared Bush Robins, Taiwan Bush Warblers (in breeding season). We will stay in Anmanshan Lodge inside the Dasyueshan region at 2000m in elevation.

Fri: Dasyueshan -Alishan*
Today we would make up any birds we miss in this region and drive to another mountain range–Alishan to make up the birds we miss in Dasyueshan area.

Sat: Tataka region in Yushan NP – Alishan-Hengchuan*
In the morning we will visit another alpine region to make up any breeding birds we miss. The Tataka region in Yushan NP is good for shy White-browed Bush Rboins, White-browed Shortwings, Golden Parrotbills and Mikado Pheasants. In the afternoon we will drive all the way down to Hengchuan, Kending NP.

Sun: Hengchuan-TBD-Airport  or Taichuang High Speed Rail Station by 1800.
Styan’s/Taiwan Bulbuls are very common in this region. We can visit one or two different birding sites on the way back to Taichuang HSR staion in the afternoon.

Price of the Tour 

 It varies with the group size and the length of the tour. Please check the Price and Service if you need tailor-made tours. The discounted price of this itinerary is listed below:

  • 2 pax: USD 2300
  • 3-4 pax:  USD 1800
  • 5-6 pax: USD 1650

Please feel free to mail us whenever you have any problems.