TBG FAM Tour--late Feb 2020

fam itinerary

2-5 attendances;14th -21st Feb, 2020; For tour agents only; Free from airport to airport. 2019/12/22 23:42

  • The itinerary and map
  • Key endemic birds
  • Other highlights we can see

About this tour

Any agent who has interest running Taiwan in 2021 or 2022, it's welcome to attend this self-founded FAM tour in late Feb, 2020. In late Feb we are able to see all the breeding endemics and wintering birds, the only birds we can't find are the summer visitors (Fairy Pitta). This is can be a good timing to learn birding in Taiwan, no matter for the spring or autumn tour. 

Target Species

  • Endemics: Endemic species and subspecies
  • Wintering birds: Black-faced Spoonbill, Siberian Rubythroat

Aim of This Tour

  • To learn how we operate birding tour in Taiwan
  • All the key birding sites
  • Food and hotels we often use

Key Information

  • Register before 16th Jan 2020.
  • We will annouce the admissions in one week.
  • Group size: 2-5. 
  • You have to share the twin room with others. 


  • It's FREE for the tour agent.
  • USD 50 for your own single room per night.


D1 14th :Arrive airport by 1300. Shihmen-Taipei*

In order to save some time go birding in Shihmen in the airport, we will meet everyone in the Taoyuan Int'l Airport around noon. Hopely we can depart by 1400. In the evening, we will stay in Taipei city. 

D2 15th :Yingmingshan NP-Dongshih*

In the morning we would visit Yingmingshan NP and Taipei Botanical Garden for the Taiwan Blue Magpie and the common urban birds, In the afternoon we will drive to Dongshih township, where is close to the most important birding site--Dasyueshan to stay.

D3 16th :Guguan-Dasyueshan*

Today we will spend all the day in Dasyueshan, where we can find most of the endemic birds all year around. The elevation we would visit will range from 300m to 2600m in this area. Tonight we will stay at 2200m in elevation overnight and we would do some night walk after dinner to see the mammals.

D4 17th :Dasyueshan-Qingjing*

In the morning we stay in Dasyueshan and in the afternoon we will leave for Qingjing Farm area for mid elevation birds. Tonight we will stay at 2000m in elevation.

D5 18th :Hehuanshan-Huben-Chiayi*

In the morning we will visit Hehuanshan pass to see alpine birds. In the afternoon we will visit Huben area, where is the best place for Fairy Pitta in early summer. Tonight we will stay in Chiayi city.

D6 19th :Budai-Alishan Guanghua(Firefly Lodge)*

We will spend half day around the coast to look for Black-faced Spoonbill and some other shorebirds. In the afternoon we will drive to Alishan area, and we will stay in the Firefly Lodge/Star Resort in Guanghua village, where we have bird hide for Taiwan Partridge and Swinhoe's Pheasant at 1000m in elevation.

D7 20th :Tataka/Yushan NP-KendingNP*

In the morning we will visit Tataka region in Yushan NP, where is about 2400-2600m in elevation for alpine birds again. In the afternoon we will drive southward to Kending NP to stay overnight. 

D8 21st :Kending-Kaohsiung by 1200 & Airport by 1900

In the morning we will spend one hour looking for Styan's Bulbul, and we have to drive northward to catch the train or flight.

Suggested Flight Schedule

It's recommend to arrange the flight arriving Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan on 14th Feb morning. We would pick you up in the airport in the airport around noon, If you arrive one night earlier, we won't cover the cost of your accommodation. 

In the last day, you can arrange the flight departing Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan after 1600 on 21st Feb. If you are in tight schedule, you can finish the trip one day earlier on your own. We would drop everyone in the Taoyuan Int'l Airport by 1900 on 21st Feb. 

We would visit Zouying High Speed Rail Station in Kaohsiung by 1200, It's about 1 hour 40 mins to Taoyuan station and there is another 30 mins to the airport by the MRT, you will be able to arrive the airport around 1410. We won't cover the cost of high speed rail and airport MRT (50 + 5 USD)