2020 Dasyueshan Internation Bird-watching Comprtition

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The Dasyueshan International Bird-watching Competition will be held in late april 2020! 2019/09/10 04:00

As the spring is approaching, all the Taiwanese birders know that Dasyueshan International Bird-watching Competition is coming! Also, that time birds start to looking for their Mr. or Ms. Right. We can enjoy the atmosphere full of birds sing. This competition will be held in late April 2020. It will be the 10th activity. In the past decade, it appeared more than 1000 people from the world.

Dasyueshan is one of the best birding spot in Taiwan. Due to the original and complete forest. Only 50km, elevation can be 200m ~ 2700m. It made that Dasyueshan own verity wildlife resources. Here, it is possible to see 28 endemic species (29 totally in Taiwan), Including the amazing and rare Rufous-crowned Laughingthrush. our national bird, Mikado Pheasant. The tame bird but beautiful Swinhoe's Pheasant. Only the Styan’s Bulbul doesn't occur in Dasyueshan. It is the species only distributed in the eastern low elevation. You can see almost all the resident species as well. In the competition last year, the team which got the first prize even saw more than 100 species in 24 hours! In the past 9 years, this competition totally records 193 species. It is really an incredible number for a place that doesn’t connect with coast site. Never say you were in Taiwan without birding in Dasyueshan.

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Our email: info@taiwanbirdguide.com

Wild Bird Association of Taiwan: birdtw.a1@gmail.com