Juv. Red-tailed Tropicalbird on the sea 海面上的紅尾熱帶鳥幼鳥

by | 2021, Jul, 25 | Chinese, English, microblog

Closer look of the Taiwan Stand

Juv. Red-tailed Tropical rests on the sea (left) and it’s actural size (right). 紅尾熱帶鳥幼鳥在海面上休息(左),實際的距離是很遙遠的(右)。 2021.07.08

I’ve been to Dongsha (Pratas Island) Atoll National Park to conduct a bird survey in July 2021. As the airport is under construction, this time I took the ship back to Pratas Island. On the way there, I met a juv. Red-tailed Tropicalbird resting on the sea and I met another flying RTT on the way back to Taiwan. The flying Red-tailed tropicalbird approached our ship slightly after seeing our ship, and flew back and forth on both sides of the ship. Later on, this TPP didn’t follow the ship and left slowy. Maybe this TPP does’nt have any interest in the ship at all.



Juv. Red-tailed Tropicalbird in flight 紅尾熱帶鳥幼鳥飛行 2021.07.18

Red-tailed tropicalbirds are pelagic seabirds in tropical area. They are quite rare in Taiwan. The records of RTT in Taiwan are mainly along the coast before and after a typhoon, and more often they are injured birds unable to fly. It is said that RTP are quite abundant around Nansha Taiping Island, but Taiping Island is farther than Pratas Island, and it is more difficult to visit Taiping Island. As in this trip I saw very few species of birds in Pratas Island, which is quite usual in summer. However, this RTT has become a good bird for me.