• Breeding Endemic Birds
  • Winter: Black-faced Spoonbill
  • Summer: Fairy Pitta
  • Malayan Night Heron

Highlights for International Birders

Threre are three important mountain birding sites for endemic birds in Taiwan. In a short trip, we can only visit Dasyueshan. With more time, we can visit one more area to make up the endemic species we miss. In long trip, we would visit all of them to secure every endemic birds and any potential lifers. 

Breeding Birds

  • 30 Endemic Species
  • 54 Endemic Subpsecies

Summer Visitors

  • Fairy Pitta: May-Jun
  • Chinese Crested Tern: Jun-Jul

Wintering Waterbirds

  • Black-faced Spoonbill: Sept-May
  • Saunder’s Gull: Dec-Feb
  • Nordmann’s Greenshank: Nov-Mar
  • Long-toed Stint

Wintering Landbirds

  • Brown-headed Thrush
  • Siberian Rubythroat

Migratory Waterbirds

  • Chinese Egret
  • Asian Dowitcher

Breeding Waterbirds

  • Yellow Bitten
  • Cinnamon Bitten 

Regional specieal

  • Malayan Night Heron

Lanyu Island: Apr-Sep

  • Elegant Scops Owl
  • Whistling Green Pigeon
  • Japanese Paradise Flycatcher


  • White-faced Flying Squirrel
  • Taiwan Serow
  • Formosan Rock Macaque