When to Visit

For the residential birds

The residential birds including all the breeding endemic species and subspecies are nearly all year round. In early breeding season (Mar-May) it would be easier to see most of them and in late breeding season (Jun-Aug) it would be quieter. In winter (Nov-Feb) some shy species (e.g. Taiwan Bush Warbler and White-browed (Taiwan) Shortwing) become very  difficult, but some species(e.g. Island (Taiwan) Thrush) would be easier to see in particular fruiting trees.

For the summer visitors

  • Fairy Pitta

    • Late April to late June

    • In Huben, Yunlin we have a special pitta guide to hire. It also possible to find in other places in Taiwan.

  • Chinese Crested Tern

    • Late June to July

    • Breeds in Matzu islands, but not every year is good to observe.

For the migratory and wintering birds

In this region the spring migratory season is shorter and the autumn one is longer. In different month we have chance to get different species. If you like to watch raptors, autumn migratory season is better. We can see lots of migratory raptors between mid Sept to mid Oct. Most of the wintering passerines (thrushes, Siberian Rubythroat and Durian Redstarts) and ducks settle down in Taiwan in early Nov and leave Taiwan by next spring. Generally after Nov until next Feb is a good timing for wintering birds.


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