Key Birds for International Birders

We have 28 endemic species and 55 endemic subspecies of birds, but we also have lots good birds for international birders!

Highlighted birds for international birdersKey birds of Taiwan

  • Breeding birds
    • 28 endemic species
    • 55 endemic races/subspecies
  • Summer visitors
    • Fairy pitta—late April to late July
    • Chinese Crested Tern—late June to early August
  • Wintering birds
    • Black-faced Spoonbill—late Sept to late May
    • Saunder’s Gull—December to March
    • Brown-headed Thrush
  • Migratory birds
    • Chinese/Swinhoe’s Egret
    • Asian Dowitcher
  • Regional highlights
    • Malayan Night Heron


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