Birdwatching Tour: All Year Round

Our birdwatching tour is designed for birdwatchers who is keen to SEE every single species and take photos of some easy birds. We would spend lots of time walking along the road and trail try to dig every new species for everyone. It’s recommended to carry cameras without tripod such as: DSLR + 300mm/4, 400mm/5.6 or 100-400mm lens; compact camera or mirrorless SLR + supertelephoto lenses.  Playback will be used but the local bird guide has the right to decide how and when to use it. We might spend lots of time trying some shy birds in different places. Some feeding sites would be visited but not many.

Please check:

5+2 Day: Best of the endemic

12 Days: Endemic + Lanyu island (via Taroko Gorge) / (April - Sept)


Photography Tour: Nov-May

The photography tour is designed for birders who use professional supertelephoto lenses (500mm/4 or longer) with tripod. The pace of birding will be slower than birdwatching tours, we would use some public feeding sites and some private bird hides depends on what we want. We would target on large and beautiful species, after we finish most of them we would turn to the skulking and shy small birds. If we want to take the photo of waders, we have to use small cars to take photo in the vehicle, therefore the cost of the tour would be increased.

Scheudled Tour

We will orgnize one weekday tour which every single traveler can join.

Private or Special Tour

If you want some private tour, please contact us. We also cooperate with a very good herping guide, we already organize a herping tour in summer.

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